11865048_904366295630_6311604959340584499_o ...pregnant. (!)




Until I have time for a more thorough post, here is a brief Q&A to get everyone up to speed:

Are you really pregnant?


Are you changing the name of your blog again?

No, I'm still married (even with hormonal changes!) and it's too much of a pain.

Were you guys trying?

[Ed. note: On what planet is this an appropriate question? Apparently, Earth.] Yes.

What's your due date?

January 19.

Is it a boy or a girl?

A girl!

Are you moving out of New York City?



Not if I can help it.

Aren't you worried your kid will grow up spoiled/weird/obnoxious if you stay in Manhattan?

Please see editor's note above.

Fine. Are you moving out of your apartment?

Nope. Converting our second bedroom into an official nursery as we speak.

What's your color scheme?

So glad you asked! Pink and gray.

How was your first trimester?

Relatively painless. No morning sickness, no debilitating fatigue, just running to pee every 10 minutes.

How have you changed your workouts?

I haven't, really. I've cut out crunches, but I'm still doing group cardio or spinning at Equinox about five times a week.

What about your diet?

Eating when I feel hungry. Consuming pasta and bread more than once a week for the first time in years. That's been fun, if not a little bit scary.

What are you calling Baby Lewin in utero?

Frittata. She was Fritter before we knew it was a girl.

Are you getting a baby nurse?

Yes, more on that later.

Have you picked out a name?

Not yet.

When you do, are you going to share it before the baby's born?


Are you showing yet?

Currently, at almost 22 weeks, I've got a bit of a bump, but I wouldn't say I look pregnant pregnant.

I want to get you a very extravagant baby shower gift. What should it be?

This, please. With a matching chandelier.



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